Ice Cream Tips

Check out Pat n To's for new tips on how to enjoy your ice cream to the max. Discover simple things that will turn your ice cream into the most delicious treat.

Tip #1: When eating your ice cream, let it melt just a little bit. The flavor comes out more as the ice cream unfreezes.

Tip #2: Ice cream tastes better when it's licked from a cone than eaten from a spoon. Licking an ice cream means the tongue warms it up and the flavor is detected directly from the taste buds. 

Tip #3: Eating ice cream with a spoon tends to keep the ice cream colder for longer, and the flavor goes to the roof of the mouth, not on the taste buds. When eating ice cream with a spoon, consider putting the spoon of ice cream in your mouth upside down. This allows the ice cream and not the spoon itself to come in contact with your tongue first.

Tip #4: Do not eat ice cream too quickly, a headache may result.

Tip #5: When eating ice cream on a cone, make the licking moment last as much as possible for a greater enjoyment.

Tip #6: Eat small quantities of ice cream when eating with a spoon to enjoy it more. If you get a big mouthful, you will more likely chew it up instead of savoring it as much as you should.

Our advices are updated on a continuous basis and we strive to inform you as much as we can so that your ice cream can taste better.

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